How Kitsch are you?

Should a work transcend the limitations of physical scale and order?

1 out of 10

Through your work — should you tell a story?

2 out of 10

Why has Homer's epic poems had long lasting relevance?

3 out of 10

You make a sculpture — who’s to criticize it?

4 out of 10

What’s the purpose of painting?

5 out of 10

Is it a necessity to compete?

6 out of 10

Is it inappropriate to paint a portrait of Joseph Stalin?

7 out of 10

Should your work reflect your time?

8 out of 10

Should Romeo and Juliet sentimentalize the audience?

9 out of 10

Can a work of excellence be ascribed to a method?

10 out of 10

Your profession

Art and irony would disintegrate the personality, kitsch makes it whole.

— Michael Curran, author