How Kitsch are you?

Is it a necessity to compete?

1 out of 10

How should color be treated in a painting?

2 out of 10

Should your work reflect your time?

3 out of 10

Is it inappropriate to paint a portrait of Joseph Stalin?

4 out of 10

Should Romeo and Juliet sentimentalize the audience?

5 out of 10

Do you agree with the claim that Disney was the most dangerous man in America?

6 out of 10

Should you reflect your cultural background?

7 out of 10

You make a sculpture — who’s to criticize it?

8 out of 10

Should you communicate with your own voice?

9 out of 10

How do you respond to the spinning wheel in The Spinners by Velasquez?

10 out of 10

Your profession

Must the kitsch painter continue to do the dirty work for a lightweight league of artists?

— Odd Nerdrum, kitsch painter