The craft is not dead!

I started studying on my own, attending workshops, and copying photographs in a painter’s studio. I knew that to progress from there I needed a mentor. That is how I met Sebastián Salvo and came to his studio; a place where time does not exist, walls decorated with his ageless paintings, it felt like home. I was excited to see the great masters reflected in his works. 

The craft is not dead! 

We are disciples of Nerdrum, Titian, and Apelles. Following their track, as in the Renaissance, we copy, compare, and compete. By taking the best of each era and each master, one can objectively progress in painting. 

While looking for a place to show and sell my paintings, my friend arranged a meeting with two prestigious curators. Excited about this opportunity, I packed a painting and prepared my portfolio. We drank some coffee together, and without even paying much attention to the work they had in front of them, the curators asked me: “What do you want Javier? Money? Prestige? Fame? We can help you, but talent is not enough. You need a theme that talks about your own time, build a social or political message and we can guide you. We can build your identity as an artist together, otherwise there are no places to show these kinds of paintings”.

I went back to the studio more confident than ever. I understood that I am not an artist, I am a craftsman; a Kitsch painter.

Now we will throw these mediocre kitschmongers into slavery, and teach them to venerate the German spirit and to worship the German God.

— Arnold Schönberg, 1914