Everyone could be called an artist

After I graduated from my MFA, I figured out what it is that I do. I love to follow the great master painters, so I called myself a “painter”. This is a specific classification where as “Artist” is much broader.

Everyone who makes “art”, could be called an artist, like: cooks, barbers, landscape gardeners, designers etc.. Living in the moment, modern art and artists catch much more attention from the world, mostly due to commercial benefits.

Kitsch painting is classical, and lives forever in the hearts of people! Kitsch paintings can be made by painters who live today but this is distinct from contemporary or modern painters.

Kitsch painting has a narrative function and is fundamental to the aesthetic standard of all poetic forms.

Kitsch is founded by the aesthetic need of people that will never change. It is in the pursuit of classical beauty and the eternal and has been since the ancient times.

Guizi Gao: “Self Portrait-Wedding Day” 80 x 80 cm, oil on linen.

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— Ayn Rand, philosopher