The art historian fired all the teachers at the university

I have studied in two art universities to learn how to draw and paint. In the first one they taught me how to hang threads between eassels to recreate a spider web.. In the second one I found teachers who were painters, drawers, sculptors, etc.

Paradise didn’t last too long.

After two years studying in this unusual “art” institution the director changed and an art historian became the leader of the university.

The first thing she decided to do was to fire all of the teachers.

The second one was to make groups between the students and organize meetings.

Some others and I were in the “fine arts group” she told us, “we are interested in imparting knowledge of modern art, and you are more like ‘fine arts people.’  We want to have a career of the highest level under modernism, so you decide if you are interested or not …” 

After that she held a conference where she said how important it is that the artist gets in touch with the feelings of a meteorite.

Since that moment I have decided to definitely move away from modern art and study only with the great masters.

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